Our 3D/VR educational programming software is highly ranked in Mac Appstore.

Mind Render, a 3D and VR educational programming software developed by a small team at Mobile Internet Technology Corp, Tokyo is ranked No.7 in Apple’s Mac Appstore. That is even higher than Scrach Desktop (offline editor).

Mind Render was designed to stimulate young people’s creativity while they learn basics and advanced techniques of coding. You can also learn 3D programming and VR in a simple easy to use drag and drop style of coding.

When students learn coding, one of the difficulties they face is they don’t know what to make. Mind Render offers five “Lab” with realistic images and setting including Physics engine. You can start controling a flying drone to actually program it for advanced manuevers to tackle challenging tasks. Or you can train your sports car so it drives on its own. Infinite possibilities in realistic 3D world. Once you complete your projects, you can save it in Mind Render’s cloud server so you can download to a smartphone (Android and iOS) to experience VR of your own program.

Mind Render also offers an ideal experiment field for AI reserchers and students. We offer AI development kit using same engine of Mind Render with college level textbook. Once you train your object, you can bring it to Mind Render so you will see how smart it can be, in a realistic 3D environment. We work with University of Tokyo to develop this AI tool which will soon be available in Japan first.

See this video




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