Learning Computational Thinking workshop. For buiness people, using MIT App Inventor.

Everybody talks about SDGs these days. Yes, we all are aware of many things are going around us that are already giving us a lot of impacts. You know because you see these every day on TV, the internet and maybe near you. Then what? Is there anything you can do about them? 

If you are interested in learning a new skill to help the world solve problems, small to big, easy to very complex, please join us in a three hours workshop to learn : 

  • Computational thinking
  • Computational Actions
  • MIT App Inventor : simple, easy to use free software to design and make Apps for mobile phone and tablet
  • Design Thinking essentials

You can sign up from the following web site. The venue is Chika Seminar Hall, conveniently located from Kita Sando staion, Toshin Fukutoshin subway line.

年末の夕べにスマホのアプリを一緒に作ってみませんか?簡単に使えるのに、スマホの機能を活かしたアプリがあっという間にできてしまうMIT発のソフトウェア、MIT App Inventorを使って社会課題を解決するソリューションのデザインとスマホアプリ開発を体験することができます。会場は千駄ヶ谷、お申し込みは以下のサイトから。限定15名ですのでお早めに。

Registration HERE!!



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