Jan.14th, Workshop at Tohoku University

On January 14 (Fri.), I held an MIT App Inventor workshop at Tohoku University’s Aobayama Garage. The venue, Aobayama Garage, is part of Tohoku University’s Business Innovation Center, which provides various entrepreneurial support with the aim of creating and fostering start-up ventures from Tohoku University.

On the day of the event, as a countermeasure against Omicron strains, which have been spreading rapidly now, thorough measures were taken to disinfect hands and equipment and to avoid prolonged seclusion.

Ten students from undergraduate to doctoral program participated in the workshop and learned the basic usage of MIT App Inventor. In addition to the MIT App Inventor course, real cases from the world of “Computational Action” were presented. Participants commented that they were surprised that even teenagers can develop smartphone applications that have an impact on social issues, and that it made them feel that they need to take action as well.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Ikeuchi of the Business Innovation Center of the Industry-Academia Collaboration Organization for his great help in organizing this workshop.



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