Learning Computational Thinking workshop. For buiness people, using MIT App Inventor.

Everybody talks about SDGs these days. Yes, we all are aware of many things are going around us that are already giving us a lot of impacts. You know because you see these every day on TV, the internet and maybe near you. Then what? Is there anything you can do about them? 

If you are interested in learning a new skill to help the world solve problems, small to big, easy to very complex, please join us in a three hours workshop to learn : 

  • Computational thinking
  • Computational Actions
  • MIT App Inventor : simple, easy to use free software to design and make Apps for mobile phone and tablet
  • Design Thinking essentials

You can sign up from the following web site. The venue is Chika Seminar Hall, conveniently located from Kita Sando staion, Toshin Fukutoshin subway line.

年末の夕べにスマホのアプリを一緒に作ってみませんか?簡単に使えるのに、スマホの機能を活かしたアプリがあっという間にできてしまうMIT発のソフトウェア、MIT App Inventorを使って社会課題を解決するソリューションのデザインとスマホアプリ開発を体験することができます。会場は千駄ヶ谷、お申し込みは以下のサイトから。限定15名ですのでお早めに。

Registration HERE!!

Casual 3D and VR programming with Mind Render.

Mind Render is a 3D and VR programming software for kids and adults, for anyone who want to learn world with simple block style pgoramming. I worked on this software development project with ex colleagues at CSK corporation who are still eager to do something new, something good to young people.

I uploaded a video to show how a small program I made in 10 min. can control a drone fly in a colorful town.

You can download Mind Render for totally free of charge at App Store for iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows.

If you are in Tokyo, you can attend free introduction workshop at Mobile Internet Technology, Kioicho, Tokyo. Please check future workshop shedule at the Mind Render’s official website.

Workshop at Kyushu Sangyo University – Making change makers by creating mobile app

On Saturday, October 26th, a full day workshop was held at Kyushu Sangyo University. Six hours plus long workshop gave a chance to students to think about their thinking about a world problem thus to extract a principles for designing a solution. Participating students then actually created a mobile app in each group using MIT App Inventor.

The workshop was initiated by an invitation from Management School Dean, Prof.Osamu Kikima after a short discussion with Masao Ishihara, a MIT Master Trainer in Educational Mobile Computing. We set three goals in the workshop.

– Unlocking hidden knowledge using LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ method and material, to help student have deeper and broader view to world problem.

⁃ Design a mobile app with a clear purpose of helping others using design thinking and short cycle prototyping similar to design sprint.

⁃ Rapid prototyping that leads to fully functioning mobile app development using MIT App Inventor

Workshop contents :
– Introduction to MIT App Inventor (30 min.)
– MIT App Inventor app development cycle ( 2 apps, 90 min.)
– LEGO®️SERIOUS PLAY®️ skills building (45 min.)
– Extracting a design principle for a world problem (w/ LSP, 90 min.)
– Designing a mobile app based on design principle found (100 min.)
– Final team presentation of mobile app (20 min.)

At the end of the workshop, participating students had more confidence in thinking about world problems and they came to know one powerful tool that help them to design and prototype a solution with our mighty computing tool, mobile devices.

Students also shared their feeling how LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️, a method new to them helped them deepen thinking as well to share ideas far more effectively among friends.

The workshop was designed and facilitated by Masao Ishihara. He is a trainer of facilitator certified by Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️, he is also a MIT Master Trainer in Educational Mobile Computing certified by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

If you are interested in having this workshop at your school or organization, please contact Masao.

Students are thinking and sharing ideas about a world problem with LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ method.
One student group found their app design principle to solve a water problem in India. They decided to provide a solution to help young people in poor community save time to make an opportunity to learn new things. The LEGO models in the photo shows their design principle.
Students are making a mobile app following their design principles. They use MIT APP Inventor to quickly design, prototype and develop a fully functioning mobile app in a short time.

Mobile and VR technology demonstration by Seigakuin boys school students.

At Seigakuin high school and junior high school, students are ready to show an exciting VR experience demonstration. During the school festival on Saturday, Nov.2 and Monday, Nov.4, students will show the demo at classroom of high school 1-B, main school building. The demonstration and guest experience are open from 10:00 to 15:00 both day. Anyone can visit the school and experience the exciting VR contents students developed.

Here’s the link to the even page for more info and access to the school.

Please if you live in Tokyo, visit the school to experience the VR.

The students used Mind Render, user friendly educational VR software for young people and novice users. It is a free software available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.


生徒さんたちによって作られたVRデモは Mind Render を使って作られました。Mind Render は日本で作られた、誰でも手軽にVRコンテンツを作ることのできる教育用3D・VRプログラミングソフトウェアです。無料でダウンロードできるので是非お試しください(Mac, Windows, iOS, Androidに対応。それぞれのApp Storeから無料でダウンロードできます。「Mind Render」で検索してください)

Mind Render の使い方を学ぶための参考書籍「天才を育むプログラミングドリル」が出版されています。Amazonや書店でお求めください。


10月27日 NPO法人 未来デザイン会議の主催による講座が以下のように開催されました。会場は飯田橋駅隣接 東京ボランティアセンター。指導者向けScratchプログラミング講座の他に、聖光学院数学科 名塩先生による「ブロックで学ぶ数学」の講義もありました。参加者は12名、小学校、中学校の先生方や民間の教室で今後プログラミング教育の実践を検討している方々の参加がありました。

Scratchプログラミング講義ではカットシステム刊 「スクラッチドリルブック – 作って学ぶ実践プログラミング練習帳」をテキストに使いながら基礎的なScratchプログラミングについて演習を通じて学びました。次回の開催は12月8日、会場は聖光学院中学校高等学校。詳細は以下のリンクを参照ください。

Scratchプログラミング指導者養成講座 第2回


スクラッチドリルブック解答集 PDF版


My workshop report posted on MIT App Inventor official blog

A workshop report from my September event was posted on MIT App Inventor’s official blog. Please visit the MIT site to see my report. MIT App Invemtor Official blog

9月に都内で実施した プログラミング教育指導者向けワークショップの報告が MIT App Inventor オフィシャルブログに掲載されました。是非お読みください。MIT App Inventorオフィシャルブログ

Oct.24th(Thu) App Inventor training in Tokyo at Chiyoda Library.

***All seats sold out. Thank you for your interest. November training information will soon be available in this blog. ***

10月24日(木)東京にて App Inventorの講習会を開催します。


1)App Inventorの概要紹介


1)パソコン(Mac or Windows)
*Amazon Fireタブレットでも可


Introducing Mind Render, a new 3D and VR programming software for students and anyone.

With some colleagues from CSK, now became SCSK, we developed a 3D and VR software tool for young students. We named it Mind Render meaning it helps people to project fun ideas to 3D and VR world.

Mind Render is a Google blockly implementation on Unity. Therefore you can program any objects in 3D then experience VR with even a cheap VR glasses now available as low as USD 5 or less.

You can download the software for free from :
Mac App store
iOS App store
Google Play store
Windows App store

It supports all above OS. To play VR contents you need an iOS device or an Android device, and a VR glasses.


Mind Render programming screen

October 26, App Inventor Workshop in Fukuoka

Educational Mobile Computing and App Inventor workshop in FUKUOKA.

Date : October 26th (Sat)

Time : 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Venue : Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka

           ( 20 min. from Fukuoka station by JR)

Fee : Free of charge

– Introduction to Educational Mobile Computing

– Introduction to App Inventor

– Hands on : making several useful Apps for smartphone and tablet

– Finding problems in an empathic approach using LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️

* Bring your own PC and an Android device (phone of tablet). 

* If you are interested in participating, send me an email at : mdstorm@me.com


 – MIT App Inventor で実用スマホアプリを作ろう!



開催時間(予定):9:30 ~ 17:00



九産大商学部 聞間教授からご提案いただいて九州地区で初めて開催することとなりました。

内容として App Inventorの入門的な紹介とスマホアプリ作りを中心に、LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️を活用した課題発見演習も取り入れる予定です。

教育関係の方、LSPファシリテータの方他 上記の内容にご関心のある方は是非参加ください!

App Inventor training in Tokyo.

MIT App Inventorトレーニングを東京で開催しました!

I conducted my second App Inventor training today at STEMON Ogikubo school, Tokyo. Nine after school STEM program instructors participated. They all enjoyed and learned about Educational Mobile Computing through making mobile apps using MIT App Inventor.

The three hours training started at 9:30. Participants built Animal sound book and automatic translator app.

9月4日、未来教室ステモン荻窪本校教室にて指導員向けに MIT App Inventorの講習会を開催しました。9名の参加者はコンピュータ活用思考(Computational Thinking)などのプログラミング教育についての考え方の紹介の後、MIT App Inventorを使ってスマホ(タブレット)アプリ作りに挑戦しました。本日参加者の皆さんが作ったのは動物鳴き声図鑑アプリ(ウェブ図鑑参照機能付)と機械翻訳アプリ(発話機能付)の2つです。短時間で2つのアプリを作り終えることができました。

MIT App Inventorはパソコン画面の前だけで完結してしまうプログラミング学習から、「行動する課題解決者」として子どもたちをエンパワーするために考え出されたツールです。スマホを使って、子どもたちが実際に社会課題を解決する事例が海外では数多く出てきました。日本でもこうした動きをステモンの皆さんと作っていくことができれば嬉しいです。

MIT App Inventorはテクノロジーを使って社会課題を解決するためのツールですが、開発の背景には「コンストラクショニズム」という教育思想があります。同じコンストラクショニズムをベースにした LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®と組み合わせることによって個人的な課題や社会課題を深く考え、テクノロジーの力を借りて解決実践をする人材を育てていくことが私のミッションではないかなと考えております。